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17.01.2013 20:59    Comments: 0    Categories: Message from the Mods      Tags: welcome feeders feedees feedists  

Thanks for joining up! Let's go ahead and look over some of the things we've got to offer.

First up, the Forums. You want to talk about Feedism, extreme weightgain, humilation? We've got it. How about artwork, videos, other media? We got that too. Feel like taking it a bit casual and just conversing about casual type things? I think we've got that. Anyway, check out the forums and look around a bit.

Are you the type that enjoys telling people how you feel? Head on over to blogs and tell everyone about the time you had a date. Feel like telling a short story, perhaps of the weightgain fiction variety? Label your blog post as a "story" and if its, you know, not completely totally filthy and bad maybe it'll get featured on the main page!

More than a few of us here are interested in food and its various preparation techniques. Check out the recipes section for some delicious eats provided by your fellow users. Don't forget to try the face cake!

Had enough to eat? Trick question! Let's go ahead and look over the groups for anything a bit more specific that you might be into, or heck-- you could start your own group here for an interest not yet covered. Feel free to join up with your other local feedists in their respective location groups! If you don't see your area represented feel free to start one up for the area!

Feeling lonely? Head on over to the chatroom! Free text chat and with a monthly payment of $4800 dollars you can have webcam privaleges for 15 minute intervals! and free webcam capability!

Reading is hard! Let's look at photos. Go ahead and have a browsey browse, check out the top photos or the featured, or even the popular ones. Photos not "moving images" enough for you? We've got a video section too!

There's a heck of a lot more to discover on the site so go head and browse around and explore. Poke around a bit and have a great time new user.

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