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Quote06.02.2013 00:302 people like thisLike

I know its not healthy at all , and I know its completely stereotypical for a fat person to be shown drinking soda , but I admit that I'm a soda fiend. There are very few soda brands or flavors I won't drink. Diet , regular , or the new in-between stuff (Pepsi Next , Dr. Pepper 10 , ect.) its all good.  Whose a soda drinker around here? What flavors do you like? How much do you drink?

Quote06.02.2013 00:551 people like thisLike

Used to drink A LOT of pop (soda, whatever you want to call it, I'm from Minnesota, it's pop here lol).  Now, it's really only when having a mixed drink.  Coca-cola, Mountain Dew, IBC Root Beer and IBC Black Cherry.

Quote06.02.2013 07:140 people like thisLike

I drink Diet Anything. I find the regular counterparts are wayyyyyy to sweet and it's like drinking straight up syrup. I like sweet, but not in liquid form. I'd rather have cake.

Quote06.02.2013 08:120 people like thisLike

I get sick from drinking diet soda.  I can't take the artificial sweeteners.  I used to drink soda all the time, and still do sometimes, but more often now it's fruit juice.  I love my liquid calories.

Quote06.02.2013 09:321 people like thisLike

Sodas, Fruit Juices and Energy Drinks.

Dr. Brown's Black Cherry Soda, Cherry Coke and Wild Cherry Pepsi..though Welch's Grape Soda and Mountain Dew are also favorites.

Snapple Fruit Punch, Grapeade, Raspberry Iced Tea, Orange and Apple Juice.

Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar Energy Drinks but I mostly have them once in a blue moon.

I drink water to avoid gout and other complications, though I can see where the pounds are piling on according to those NYC Health

When you reach that next level you are destined for, you will just feel it.
Quote06.02.2013 12:110 people like thisLike

I drink anything diet, I grew up drinking just diet so Reg. just taste like syrup to me. My favs are MTN dew. orange, or Foxon park root beer. Foxon park made with sugar not syrup. I have a MTN dew bottle collection and a small coke bottle collection. I limit my self to 1 can/glass a day.

Quote06.02.2013 15:270 people like thisLike

I love a fizzy soft drink. It has to be coke all the way. So refreshing and yet so decadent...

Quote06.02.2013 16:590 people like thisLike

I love drinking soda. Pepsi and Barq's root beer are my top two preferences, although I've been known to drink Mountain Dew or Coke Zero on occasion.

Quote07.02.2013 03:280 people like thisLike

See, some of you only drink regular, and some of you drink diet. Me, I tend to flip-flop sometimes. I can list off almost every soda brand I drink.



Diet Dr. Pepper

Canada Dry


Dr. Pepper

Pepsi Next

Pepsi Max

Sierra Mist


Sprite Zero

IBC Root Beer

Mountain Dew Code Red

MD Baja Blast (the only soda I get when I go to Taco Bell)


There's plenty more on here. I'm kinda a big soda drinker... when I'm craving it anyways. Any other time, it's mostly water and juice.

Quote07.02.2013 11:580 people like thisLike


See, some of you only drink regular, and some of you drink diet. Me, I tend to flip-flop sometimes.

Same here. If I go anywhere that has fountain drinks that I can get myself , I usually make sure to have some of both , or even mix them. I find that if I only drink regular or only drink diet for extended periods of time it makes it hard to switch back to the other for a while. Either making the dieting tasting chemically or the regular tasting really heavy and syrupy.

Quote08.02.2013 21:570 people like thisLike

mr.pibb, sprite, fanta orange soda, cherry coke,and shasta fruit punch. love me some shasta lol

Quote10.02.2013 00:550 people like thisLike

I can't really drink most soda because I'm fructose intolerant, and most (non-diet) sodas have high fructose corn syrup as a first ingredient. I do drink diet versions if it comes with a meal, or if it's in a mixed drink, but otherwise I don't really care for it.


I actually don't even really like the taste anymore because I got sick from drinking it so many times. Which is pretty sad, because soda would help me out with calories, lol.

Quote12.02.2013 11:170 people like thisLike

I love soda ;D

I've started drinking Mexican Coke and Sprite because I think it tastes better than American made; Mexican Coke uses real cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup(so they say lol). Either way I feel like the Mexican version doesn't leave that thick, sweet aftertaste in your mouth.

As for American sodas, I love Dr. Pepper, root beer, and ginger ale(has to be Canada Dry). Also I don't know if this counts as a soda, but omg Orangina! I hardly ever see it in the stores, but when I do, I buy a ton of it x3

Quote12.02.2013 11:560 people like thisLike

I drink soda all the time.

A mix between regular and diet. Coke, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Mountain Dew, Snapple, Cranberry juice, Orange Juice.


I heard somewhere that 7-UP in particular is good with easing the stomach.

Quote12.02.2013 20:500 people like thisLike

pepsi and orange soda

Quote17.02.2013 21:530 people like thisLike

I'll drink anything diet! Diet Coke is my favorite! Smile

Quote13.04.2013 12:440 people like thisLike

Hi. New to this site, but my fave sodas:


Coca Cola


Dr. Pepper


Mug root beer



Quote13.04.2013 16:430 people like thisLike

Yeah certain regular sodas hurt my teeth, like moutain dew. But here's a list of my favorites:


Wild Cherry Pepsi

Cherry Coke

(Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi or Coke is fine too.)


Royal Crown Cola

Jones Soda


Ginger Ale

Quote13.04.2013 17:040 people like thisLike

Kinda related, vanilla Coke just came back on sale in the UK after probably... nearly nine/ten years, with a huge fucking ad campaign.


I cannot find it ANYWHERE.

Quote14.04.2013 03:501 people like thisLike

It haunts my dreams. Tormenting me, taunting me, calling out to me as I chase it down intertwined hallways in a labyrinth of pain and suffering. I see the faint hint of its dark color one moment and in the next there is nothing-- there is always nothing. The pit in my soul will never be filled because I cannot find you. I cannot taste your delightfully off flavor or marvel at your red hue. As I wither and slowly turn to dust I hear it crying out across the winds, your catchphrase. . .


The wild one.


Dr. Slice. May god have mercy on my soul.

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