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Foundation building exercises.
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Recently, I've decided to cast aside my hesitation and begin packing on the pounds by eating balanced meals in large quantities, coupled with the occasional whey protein shake. I feel that i'm gaining weight in a safe manner, but I also want to build up muscle mass so that I can carry my goal of one hundred extra pounds without any real health complications. Currently, I perform sumo-style leg raises and stomps for roughly twenty minutes, and I've found that they're an excellent way to target the glutes, hamstrings, and outer thigh muscles (vastus laterals). In addition, I'm also performing horse stance punches while holding a five pounds dumbbell in each hand, though I can currently only manage this exercise for five minutes before my arms give out.


So, does it sound as if these exercises are targeting the areas necessary for supporting one hundred pounds of adipose tissue adequately, or should I include other methods in my work-out sessions? I know that dumbbell squats are excellent for targeting the whole of the lower body as well as the back, but I am currently unable to attend a gym at the moment, and all that I have at home are dumbbells ranging from five to twenty-five pounds. Any advice would be very much appreciated!



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To me working out and trying to gain wait seems counter intuitive but, I'm sure in the long run it will help. For me I already started with a good base so to speak being a football player and wrestler in high school so I already had the muscle their to help out. I only just started actively started gaining weight a few months ago but, been gaining slowly after high school. I've always been active person so that's helped my legs get the right amount of muscle to carry my fatness. As you grow and get bigger your body tends to gain muscle mass to the more weight I put on the more my legs have to work as I walk so I'm working out everytime i walk (or that's what I tell myself.) If this way works out for you that's awesome but, I feel like it may be hard to add the weight when your working out and using all the cals you just ate or drank. If this method works out that's great and I hope it does best of luck my gaining friend.

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You bring up an interesting point that I hadn't considered. I suppose I could let nature take its course and let my muscles strengthen as my weight increases, but I still think it would be better for me to try and get a head start. As for burning off the calories I've consumed, that actually hasn't been a real problem for me; thanks to the whey protein (and my own appetite), I've been able to maintain a fairly steady gain since I first started all of this. I know it's not just muscle tissue either, unless there's a variety that hangs over belt lines and jiggles that I didn't know of =P.


In any case though, thanks again for your advice, and I wish you luck with your own gaining ventures!


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