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Quote22.01.2013 00:391 people like thisLike

Whats your first memory about fat?


I remember being about 4.  It was a big family get together, Christmas maybe.  I was laying on my mom's lap in the position to nap on her.  I remember an uncle asked me "Who do you like cuddling on more, your mom or dad?" I said "my mom."  He then asked why. I said she was softer.  I remember thinking it was a no brainer question.  Duh.  My big fat soft mom.  Everyone laughed.


Quote25.01.2013 18:302 people like thisLike

When i was in the first grade the teachers tried to put on a little elementary prom thing where we got paired off with girls from our class. I got paired off with  a little chubette and found it very very nice indeed. That combined with my stuffing of pillows and such under my clothes started the ball and probably someday me rolling.

Quote25.01.2013 19:573 people like thisLike

When I was little (like 8-ish) I used to wear over sized clothes and stuff them so that I looked gigantic. Then I would lay around pretending I was fat. (All behind closed doors of course.)

Quote27.01.2013 06:170 people like thisLike

Probably a younger teacher or classmate's parent...I can't remember which, but this lady had a big hanging belly that I was fixated on.

Quote27.01.2013 09:150 people like thisLike

As little kids, we would play in the sandbox, and I remember loving the game where you pour sand into your shirt to look fat; the other kids probably found it just funny, I remember being somewhat intrigued by it.


Later, becoming a teenager, I noticed some of my female classmates who were gaining weight as they grew up, and fantasized about pigging out with one... some afternoons, I'd drink a lot of juice to feel big and full, with mutual gaining fantasies.

Quote27.01.2013 14:110 people like thisLike

I remember stuffing my pajamas with blankets and pillows when I was a kid. I also remember seeing the Pigs is Pigs cartoon. I don't remember which came first though.

Quote28.01.2013 23:500 people like thisLike

I don't know if this is my first, but I can remember wanting to play "let's get fat" as early as 2nd grade.

Quote29.01.2013 00:370 people like thisLike

I loved my stuffed animals when I was little; I would pretend that my big green bunny was the babysitter for my build-a-bears. "The babysitter" would write journal entries about what they did "while I was at the store." One time I was pretending that they spent the day drawing, and since "the babysitter" was supposedly a fantastic artist, she decided to draw a bunch of different versions of the build-a-bears. I drew a princess version, a zombie version, a bodybuilder version, and then... a fat version. And when I was drawing the fat version I felt all "tingly and frustrated." I felt weirdly ashamed afterwards and decided to stop drawing and do something else, haha. That's actually my first memory of feeling turned on at all, as awkward as that is!

Quote29.01.2013 01:101 people like thisLike

What is it with the stuffing of clothes thing? I did that when I was like 4 or 5 and then remembered that and did it again a few times when I was like 11 or 12 but the second time it felt weird. My mom saw me doing this when I was young and thought I had issues because my dad was fat and she's decidedly unslim and she worried I was emulating them. I still don't get it.

Quote30.01.2013 22:441 people like thisLike

I really don't remember my "first" experience because it's been there pretty much as long as I can remember. I had weight gain fantasies at like 4 or 5 years old. I also did the clothes-stuffing thing throughout childhood. Also did some water-bloating (obviously I didn't know how dangerous it was but clearly it didn't kill me, so :P)

Quote05.02.2013 22:231 people like thisLike

I recall enjoying Hansel and Gretel more than any other fairy tale, and versions of that on TV that dragged out the time when Hansel was being fattened were my favorites.  Other than that I just found images of heavier women more interesting in general.  My earliest crushes were mostly on my plumper classmates.  My parents used to remark on the sort of girls I had eyes for, but I don't ever remember them saying anything discouraging about it.

Quote05.02.2013 23:390 people like thisLike

I remember when I was a little kid I had a female friend who was this tomboy who used to play with me and we hung out a lot. Then she ended up moving away. She eventually moved back when I was about 13 and starting to get into girls and she had put on a ton of weight, and I remember instantly forming a crush on her. Then after that I started to notice that I liked other fat girls besides her.

Quote06.02.2013 00:590 people like thisLike

Chubby women all the way to SSBBWs have always seemed to catch my eye as far back as I can remember, but I probably start having fantasies of seeing women get fatter when I was as young as maybe 8 or 9.

Quote06.02.2013 17:090 people like thisLike

The first memory I can recall about gravitating toward fat was probably around age 4 or age 5. I remember both of my parents were sufficiently overweight when I was young and still are today. But I can remember looking up to my mom and dad around that time and wanting to be as big as they were. My mom was about 180 pounds at her heaviest, and she only stands about 5'2''. My dad tipped the scales at about 230 pounds at his heaviest and he isn't much taller than my mom.

Quote11.02.2013 07:330 people like thisLike

A few times it happened when I was really young in a weird way I couldn't really identify but the time it really stood out was in junior high when I was coming home on the bus. This girl got on and had quite the glorious lower half from then on I pretty much figured it out and googled out. Boy what I had gotten myself into haha

Quote11.02.2013 12:140 people like thisLike

There was this really fat teacher in school when i was about 12 years old. She was probably about 400+ pounds. I was really fascinated with her. When we moved, it was to a place where there where no fat women in the new school. Which was a bit of a let down.


Quote11.02.2013 18:134 people like thisLike

played fat/stuffed clothes w best friend pre-k

1st grade got first notable erection when teacher read us some hansel and gretel variation (parody?) where the witch says she's gonna fatten hansel up until he can't move or fills up his cage, one of those

willy wonka

pigs is pigs

other cartoons including the ninja turtles inflation episode and an alvin and the chipmunks (movie?) that i swear existed but can't find evidence of

would re-read any fat description in a book over and over (say cheese and die...again!!, house of stairs, who knows what else...there was a book where a girl's nickname was "the blimp" and protag had to kiss her ewww)

hit puberty

looked for huge boob porn and picked up other body parts along the way

found dimensions at 13 my god

lost would-be very first date because i creeped out the nice girl from my hebrew school on the phone all week about feeding her chocolate

only got creepier

Quote11.02.2013 19:500 people like thisLike

Regional Honor band, girl in my percussion section was named Abby and oh so chubby, she shrugged me off but that was the moment that I knew.

I was in 8th grade I think? Been forever now...

Quote12.02.2013 16:161 people like thisLike

I used to stuff my clothes with pillows  etc when i was a kid. I always liked fat girls and Wanted To be A fat girl Too since i was young. So, prolly around 6 or 7?

Quote12.02.2013 19:200 people like thisLike

Pulp Fiction, Butch and Fabienne scene , not my first memory, but certainly the first time the idea became normalised, like an attraction to the idea might be a thing that happens out there in the world, her little description is hot as hell, and its hardly a scene that I can imagine catching the attention of most people...and yes I was most definitely too young to be watching it


In case you don't know what I'm talking about:

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
Quote12.02.2013 21:540 people like thisLike

Very similar to others that posted here...


When I was younger (elementary school age? maybe?) I used to play make-believe games with my friends and I always played the "fat girl" and stuffed pillows up my shirt. I didn't really know what it meant back then. It actually didn't seem to have much significance or stand out to me as anything abnormal. And then things eventually progressed like being young and playing doll dress-up games online and making stories up in my head that they were gaining weight and becoming fat. Barbies. Then when I was around 12/13 I fell in love with one of my friends who was bigger. Once high school hit, I found the online BBW/feedist world and yep, here I am :]

Quote15.02.2013 12:181 people like thisLike

A very good thread to be sure. I hope that I can do this thread justice. When I was a kid I always innately hugged my pillow. It was soft and comforting. It made me feel safe and we melting into one another becoming one. I loved that pillow more then anything in this world. Growing up I always liked the different, weird, alternative, anti social girls, because I myself was always all those things. The skinny preppy bitches were just mean and vicious. I used to watch them delight in making other people feel bad about themselves if they didn't fit into some socially acceptable model of beauty or social preference. I always found myself becoming friends with the girls they picked on, usually the bigger girls, and we became friends. I loved these girls. This is root of the attraction the emotional part.


The second part, the physical comes from a somewhat more adult place. When I was around 12 or 13 my friend and I found some old Penthouse magazines in a dumpster behind a coffee shop. Since no one could agree to who had the ownership rights we split it up. I ended up getting the back section where all the phone sex ads were. They was one add of a ssbbw and for some reason every time I saw that picture it set me on fire. I was drawn to her. She was so big, so soft, like a bigger better version of the girls I had known from when I was younger. I just knew then and there it was for me. Later I discovered the internet and the whole feedism community and I was done.


Quote15.02.2013 13:310 people like thisLike

I can't think of any single first experience. I merely thought that fat doesn't make anyone ugly, it heats you in the winter and so on. First growth related feelings was an Alice in Wonderland book in my kindergarten. I liked a lot that growing-out-of-a-house part for some reason. Luckily this hasn't resulted in giantism fetish, as that would be inconvenient...


If I had to choose a first, I'd choose stumbling into a tabloid magazine article on NAAFA and huge fat women. That led to my discovery of BBW world, but I can't think of when I got into feedism at all.

Quote16.02.2013 00:550 people like thisLike

I distinctly remember being in the car with my parents- probably 6 or 7, and thumbing through a Scientific American and finding an article on "obesity". I asked my mother how to pronounce the word and what it meant- because I was so utterly enamored with an image of two overweight image in the article. I couldn't recall what was so memorizing about it, but I just loved how big the women were.


What a fun trip down memory lane XP

Quote21.02.2013 07:002 people like thisLike

Hmmm, not sure if this is actually in relation to a fat preference or not, but I have a memory of lying face down and spread eagled on the ground.  I imagined that the earth was just a really big person and I was giving them a hug haha.

Quote30.05.2013 18:100 people like thisLike

I came to the attraction  rather late. I was 28. I read some of the stories in Dimensions about feeding, and felt really aroused. Thoughts of feeding a BBW,SBBW still turn me on!

Quote30.05.2013 22:412 people like thisLike

Virtually all of my female family members, mother's and father's side, are obese, and all the men are thin as sticks. I remember I was around 5 or 6 or so and I was already chubby, too. I had a very heated argument with my mom that "all women are fat and all men are thin and that's just the way the world is!" She tried to convince me there were thin women in the world but I was having none of that. She showed me a magazine of some blonde thin woman and I was utterly convinced she was sick and needed to go to the hospital to be fattened up. I decided I needed to be fatter too so I started eating more. I loved every minute of it... until I started school and was from then on endlessly picked on for my weight. But it never stopped me from loving food and eating for the joy of eating.


My mother tells me to this day that argument made her feel like a failure as a parent because she thought she had caused me to grow up believing I was supposed to be fat, and thin was "unhealthy". She's right, but I don't see it as a bad thing :)

Quote31.05.2013 00:430 people like thisLike

I don't think I ever had a time where I DIDN'T think fat women were attractive. I just never acted upon it until I was, like, 17 or so.

Quote31.05.2013 11:180 people like thisLike

Well, this is really digging deep; I recall doing the clothes stuffing thing around when I was 4, but I think everyone does that. I don't really remember anything too fat related standing out until I was 8, and was perusing the Guinness book of world records in the library. In it I found the world's heaviest model Donahue Teighlor (there was a picture) and well, it was hard to keep it out of my mind. It inspired quite a few fantasies, though, I didn't really have any exposure to any real life fat gals for years... none until after high school, at which point I found on the internet that other people feel the way I do, and I was able to learn about myself from what others have posted. The way fetishes work; the part of your brain that determines your fetish is hardwired around the age of 5 (I don't know why) and will remain 'wired' for the rest of your life. As far as me realizing my fetish goes, I have to thank dimensions and heatherbbw, among others. Though I didn't have any interaction with fat girls in the high school era, there was a gal in my class that said 'i'm going to be a fat girl' ... which I found kind of interesting. Anyway, even though I stayed away from females for most of my life, things might have been different had I actually been exposed to a larger girl in which the temptation would have been far greater.


When I think back, I did have a relative (grandmother) that was quite large when I was around 8, well, she's always been quite large, but that's the only relative I can think of. I do remember being quite fascinated when she struggled to get the seatbelt around her in the car. Oh yeah, and when I was 7-9 I doubled my size; got pretty fat when I was 10.

Quote01.06.2013 04:420 people like thisLike

When I was 7 I learned to do the Dead Man's Float in the swimming pool at summer camp. Inspired by a Baby Huey comic book, I fantasized about being so fat I filled the entire swimming pool. That was when I got my first erection.

Possible Baby Huey inspiration

Quote01.06.2013 14:010 people like thisLike

I was utterly convinced she was sick and needed to go to the hospital to be fattened up.

Most healthcare plans unfortunately don't cover anything nearly this hot.

Like 1Agamemnon, I remember finding in an old Guinness Book of Records a black and white photo of a woman who had the record for world's heaviest woman or something similar, and looking at it over and over again. I've tried googling for that picture, but haven't had any luck.

Another thing I remember, and I don't remember how old I was at the time, but it must have been pretty young, was watching this fun, sort of surreal animated movie from the early 70's called The Point. There's one scene with three fat women who dance around, and the kid who is the protagonist is totally into them. Interestingly, the women are drawn sort of like big blueberries, which reminds me of the blueberry expansion scene we're all familiar with. Does anyone else remember this? Here's a link to the scene if you're interested.

Quote02.06.2013 01:240 people like thisLike

Of course I did the clothes-stuffing thing, but I didn't understand what the really uncomfy, heart-pounding, tingling, swollen feeling was that I got from it. I felt the same about this fantasy I started having over and over again around the age of twelve-- it's of a woman who gets kidnapped and force-fed a magic potion, as punishment, that makes her balloon until she can't move. I didn't understand why I liked that fantasy so much (elements of sadism in this one of course-- the woman is always vehemently upset about it to the point of tears).


When I started getting into gaming, The Sims was a staple of mine and my siblings. My sister and I would sit and play The Sims for hours. Of course when the Sims 2 came out and you could make fat characters, or thin characters who could gain weight, I was outwardly like, "eh, whatever," but of course I made my Sims the fattest I could make them. As for my sister's Sims-- well, whenever she went off for a bathroom break, she always had to firmly remind me not to make her Sims fat while she was gone. Oops?


By that point, I knew I was fascinated with fat. I was googling it constantly, and that's when I found Dimensions Library and was like, welp.

Quote03.06.2013 10:510 people like thisLike


Like 1Agamemnon, I remember finding in an old Guinness Book of Records a black and white photo of a woman who had the record for world's heaviest woman or something similar, and looking at it over and over again. I've tried googling for that picture, but haven't had any luck.

Now, if I remember correctly this should be at least pretty similar to black and white photo we remember from all those years ago.



Quote03.06.2013 22:041 people like thisLike

if you cocksuckers promise not to masturbate to that picture of a dead woman I will leave it up for the sake of chronicling the personal history being discussed in this thread.

Quote03.06.2013 22:390 people like thisLike

Just to clarify, what Rebauldia means isn't that she has since passed away, but that that's a picture of her body taken after it was stuffed and put on display in the Guinness Museum of World Records.

That should help deter people from grabbing their junk. I'm sorry for the poor taste.

While I do appreciate the effort, 1Agamemnon, that's not the woman I was referring to. This was a picture from back in the before-time, when there was no internet, if you can imagine. I've done all the googling I can stand but it seems that the particular picture I have in mind hasn't found its way onto the internet. I remember that the lady had dark or at least very tan skin and was wearing a white dress.

Quote13.06.2013 07:340 people like thisLike

I've noticed a pattern in this thread, and elsewhere on the feedist internet, of both feedees and feeders having stuffed their clothes when they were younger. I also did this, stuffing them with things like pillows, stuffed animals, anything that would make me feel as fat and as "sexy" as possible. The youngest I remember doing it was probably 4. But does everybody do it, or is it only common to those with fat preferences and/or fat fetishes? I've thought a lot about this, and I definitely don't remember anybody else ever doing it or telling me about it when I was younger. I just knew that even though being fat was 'bad for you', as I was taught from a young age, that I loved food, I loved eating, and I loved pretending that I was getting fatter, a lot fatter. Stuffing my clothes helped do that for me. I also used to lay in pillow forts I built (I pretended they were tents and I was camping) and write diary entries about what it would be like to get fat enough that I couldn't fit in the "tent" anymore. I always loved the Violet Beauregarde scene from Willy Wonka and the cake-eating scene from Matilda. I think a lot of us share those, too.

Quote13.06.2013 09:240 people like thisLike


if you cocksuckers promise not to masturbate to that picture of a dead woman I will leave it up for the sake of chronicling the personal history being discussed in this thread.

Ahhhh....maturbating to the dead, the cornerstone of any decent go at cocksuckerism. They should set up a site to swap notes and such.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
Quote13.06.2013 09:330 people like thisLike

Like many of you, Violet from the original Willy Wonka was a big part of my childhood! I would watch that part over and over again. I don't think that was the cause of me preferring big women, I think it just made me discover those feelings. And I actually had a hard time admitting that I like women on the very large end of the spectrum (350 and over). It was something that took me a while to admit to myself, even as an FA.


I remember my mother had a friend who was one of the prettiest women that I had ever seen. Just stunning. Porcelain skin, long dark hair, just perfectly put together. And I remember loving how big she was. Easily over 500 lbs and just not giving a shit. She was definitely a good role model.

Quote13.06.2013 22:160 people like thisLike



if you cocksuckers promise not to masturbate to that picture of a dead woman I will leave it up for the sake of chronicling the personal history being discussed in this thread.

Ahhhh....maturbating to the dead, the cornerstone of any decent go at cocksuckerism. They should set up a site to swap notes and such.

I tried on a whim. It wasn't what you lead me to believe, Cheese ;_;

Quote14.06.2013 05:050 people like thisLike

Like most others who have posted here, my fascination with fat began at a very young age...  probably four or five years old.  I've often wondered about this since fat has become such an important, if not essential, aspect of my adult sexuality.  Does it mean that we develop and experience sexual urges at such a young age?  Or does it mean that some early childhood fascinations eventually evolve into adult sexual drives?  As a young child, I can remember experiencing some form of arousal at the notion of having a big belly, or being forcibly fattened until my stomach became a huge protruding mass.  I think my first memory of this was when I saw a "Porky Pig" cartoon where he got caught eating pie, and then was strapped to a chair and forced to eat pie after pie until his stomach had filled and stretched into a huge ball.  I am sure that was the "turning point" for me.  After that, my mental radar was always on the "lookout" for people or situations involving fat or fattening, and the more extreme it was, the more I was fascinated.

Quote23.06.2013 08:240 people like thisLike

I don't remember my first memory about being fat or eating a lot, probably something related to a cartoon, but I remember seeing the movie North when I was a kid, and there's the scene where the Texan couple are telling Elijah Wood they want to fatten him up to become the biggest kid on Earth. The way the mother describes his stomach becoming bigger and bigger and allowing him to eat more hit me at the center of my being, and from that point on I had fantasies about getting fatter or getting a woman fatter.


It was a few years before I discovered terms like 'BBW' and 'FA' and 'Feeder' and the whole online community.

Quote26.06.2013 10:010 people like thisLike

My process to get to this stage of being a feeder happened subtly over a number of years. It started like an initial liking of curvier women, not to say chubby but more voluptuous and it slowly developed into a love of bbw's and later ssbbw's as they have an abundance in curves.


What sold me on the feeding/weight gain aspect was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The scene where Violet Beauregarde blows up in the blueberry and after time, I've ended up here :)

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