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28.12.2012 (477 Days Ago)
My own fictional story
Weight Gain Writing (6 posts)
You're filling out nicely pig Part 6
477 days ago 3 comments Categories: Weight Gain Writing Mood: Horny Tags: story storie

The day of her arrival I went to the house to start making the food. We knew she was going to take a cab on the airport to go straight to the house and that gave us time to focus entirely on getting everything ready. I decided to make a three courses meal which included as starter a heavy Corn Cream Soup, the main course will be a Char Grilled Sirloin Steak with a quick salad and for dessert Rich Chocolate Mud Cake. It needed to be done at 1pm that was the time when she will arrive. When I got to the house I put all the things I needed in the table and went to look for Dante. I found him exercising again and told him that he had to clean the entire house and I would make the food. He started with the basement and I leaved him there. We were so focused in our task that we merely spoke to each other, maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was hiding from him in the kitchen, pretending I was busy every time he came in. I knew that I had to push hide how I fell about him for his own sake, so help him to stay with his wife and baby. Losing him again hurt, but I knew that this was the right thing to do.  I saw him taking out the garbage and went back to chop the vegetables. “I wish this were not this way. I wish I could conquer her again but I know she's still mad at me for what I did to her in the past." Dante thought as he leaved the bag on the garbage bin. He went back to the house and looked at me in the kitchen. “She’s really cute” he thought while going back to his room. In there he started to pick all his old clothes and put them on a suitcase that he hid in the closet. He picked up some dirty clothes near to his dresser and put them on a basket. He took a family photo that was on his night table in which he was sitting next to his pregnant wife smiling. "I couldn't leave her or our baby, I love them. Well I love my baby but I don't know what I feel for her anymore." He put the picture down and went back to cleaning the rooms.

Around 11 ‘o clock I was about end to prepare the meal, just some final touches were necessary but I would make them later. Dante had finished cleaning the house as well and was now taking a bath. I went to his room to put his clothes in bed. He was going to wear a simple V-neck white t-shirt with wine dress shirt on top. I also put on the bed a black coat for him to wear on top and a pair of new jeans, one darker than the other, to see which one fit better. When I was about to leave the room he got out the bathroom wearing only black boxers and stood in the frame of the door drying his hair with a towel, like he always did. This would be my last time to see his glorious body and I tried to capture it in my mind. I wanted to stay with him and make him fatter, sexier, and happier than any other woman but I knew that was impossible. Without really thinking about it, I went to hug him, I wanted to feel his soft belly for the last time. He hugged me back and we stood like that for about five minutes. Not saying a word, without facing each other, just enjoying that precious moment. I wish it would have last longer, but a voice took us for surprise. "DANTE! I'm home my love!" His wife had got home earlier! I hugged him harder, kissed his belly and walked to the door. "I'll tell her that you're getting ready. Don't worry I'm going to leave when the food is ready, so you two can have some privacy" I said and then went out, leaving him standing in the room. When I went down I could tell his wife was surprised when she saw a strange woman coming down the stairs of her own house. She was as tall as me but thinner with small hips and modest breast. She didn't look like she would have a baby. Her tanned skin looked smooth and she had straight light brown hair on a long hairstyle with fringe. Her face had just a hint of makeup to accent her brown eyes and small lips with red lipstick. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans with a golden belt and gold earrings, a black sleeveless top and a red cardigan matched with red high heels; I felt a little embarrassed because I was only wear jeans with some sneakers and a black t shirt. “Hi, my name is Natasha and I'm a friend of Dante” I said smiling and offering her a hand to shake. She ignored it and looked at me. "Hi I'm Dante's wife, Lauren. I'm sorry but I know all his friends and I don't remember you" I could feel his cool stare and I got nervous. "Oh well that's because we lost touch for such a long time, but we run into each other some weeks ago" I explained her. "And tell me why are you here and why you came down the stairs?" she crossed her arms and waited for my answer. "Well because he hired me to make you a nice three course meal, and I went to tell him that the food was almost ready and that we only had to make some final touches when you were here." I was proud of my little lie and smiled to her. Amazingly she believed me "Pooh! That explains all the things on the kitchen. I'm sorry. Well is he coming down yet?" she asked walking to the kitchen with me behind her. She sat on the kitchen table and I started to finish the food. “I think so; he said he was still getting ready”. I put the steaks on the grill and looked at her. “I’m sorry but he mentioned that you two had a baby, where is him?” She smiled at me and said. “Oh well I left him with his grandparents because I wanted to have a special welcoming night with my lover boy, if you know what I mean” she said and giggled. “Oh boy, she’s going to have a big surprise” I thought and smiled. We talked a little more but something felt odd. She was being nice but it didn't felt real, it was like she was faking it. Finally Dante walked into the kitchen. "Hey Lauren, I've missed you so much baby" he said a bit nervous. Lauren looked at him amazed; she stared at him with her mouth open for a few seconds before reacting. "OH MY GOD! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU! YOU'RE A WHALE!" she screamed angry. Dante stopped in front of her and tried to hug her but she refused. "Don't touch me with your disgusting body! What have you done all this months, eat everything in town? Ugh, you look awful". I thought that she was wrong, he looked gorgeous. I could see on his face that he was hurt and I tried to help him. "You shouldn't be so mean. Ok he got a little fat, but with exercise and a good diet he can go back to his old self" She looked at me angrily "Shut the fuck up, you have no right to speak; this is between us. Finish your stupid meal and get out my house" She yelled at me and then went to the living room. Dante murmured an apology and went behind her.

I was finishing serving the food and I couldn’t help to heard them having an argument on the living room. She was yelling at him and calling him names; I could hear him being about to cry. When the plates were all set, he came back to the kitchen with his eyes watering. He stood next to me and I put my hand on his shoulder to comfort him. "Dante, she's just mad, I'm sure she didn't mean all those things".  He looked down and wiped some tears with his hand. "No she's right, she has all the right to be mad at me and call me a pig. I was in such a great shape but now I'm disgusting". He said trying to hold the tears. “No Dante, don’t said that. You look great, let me talk to her, maybe I can reason with her” I said holding his hands and looking him in the eyes. “Ok, thank you” He said calmly. I hugged him and whisper on his ear "You look hungry hog" I leaved him on trance because I didn’t want him to get on the room while doing my magic. I leaved him there and went to the living room to look for Lauren and I found her seated on the couch texting on her cellphone. “What do you want? Where’s the pig?” I seated next to her “Don’t call him like that, it hurt him. Listen I know he had change but he’s the very same guy that you married, isn’t that important to you?” She gave me and skeptical look. “Are you really going to lecture me with all that “inside beauty” bullshit? Listen up porky, I can tell that you feel sympathetic for his lame condition, but unlike you he hasn’t been fat his whole life. He had a great body but lost it for his own laziness so it's his own fault if people insult him, he deserve it." I was really offended by her attitude and decided to be harsher. "Ok listen up, I'm his friend and I'm worried about him and how you're making him feel. So, I'm going to gently ask you one more time to treat him right or you'll see" I said angrily but she just laughed it off. "Oh is that so? And what are you going to do about it, chubby?" she asked me and then laughed. I wasn't worried about she discovering my ability, because I could easily erase it from her memories; I got closer to her and took her face with my hands to force her to look me into my eyes. She fought a bit but stopped shortly after, already in trance. I entered her mind but this one had a different aspect. It was dark and cold. I was wearing a black coat with, black jeans and leather boots. My hair was tied up on a pony tail and I had to create a lamp to see where I was going. All her memories and trails were archived on metal boxes inside the walls. I wanted to discover the true about her feelings for Dante so I used my powers to look for her memories about him. In here my powers work differently. Instead of floating to me, the box would glow in a green light trough the wall and I had to open it to find a bunch of files about him. I took the first one and opened. It looked like a job application. It had his photo of when we were a couple and Information about him, his name, birthday and address. On the section were it said "In a relationship" it said "not for long". While looking through the file I discovered all the lies she had been saying. First of all: the baby wasn't his! She didn't know who the father was and was looking for someone to blame that would pay all she wanted. So, she got him drunk and had sex with him. Second: she didn’t have any kind of feelings for him! She was just using him for his good looks and third: She was cheating on him. She had been cheating on Dante since the first fight with this guy from a band. Apparently, she used the excuse of going to see her mother to go on a tour with him and left the baby with his grandparents saying that they would go on a second honey moon. I was so pissed! She had destroyed us and I had blame Dante for it all this time. I wanted to destroy her life and make her suffer for all the things she had made but realized that it wasn’t my job to punish her. I had always thought we had met again because it was my duty to punish him for what he had done, but the truth was that I was there to help him. Revenge didn’t seem like an option anymore as I started to make changes on her mental files. She would be so angry for his change that she’d tell him all about the baby, his lover and the trip. With that she would end the relationship and go to look for her lover, after that it was up to her how her life would be. Before leaving, I decided that I could make a little change on her life, nothing drastic, but enough to give her some difficulties keeping her figure. I searched the locker with her habits and trails and discovered that she exercised daily and ate only healthy food. That, plus her fast metabolism, was the reason of her good looks. I decided to slow down her metabolism and make her a fast food lover. She would be an exercise freak still, but she would find harder to lost weight with her new eating habits. After erasing the memories of seeing my ability I leaved her mind and went back to reality. I take her out of trance and leaved the room while she tried to remember was she was telling me. Back in the kitchen I also took Dante out of the trance and told him that she wanted to have a word with him. “Please come with me” He begged me. “I don’t thing I could face her insults alone”. I nodded and walked to the leaving room behind him; I could see his huge ass shivering with each step and had to force me to stop looking at it. Once on the leaving room I stayed at the door and he went to stand in front of her. “Listen Lauren I know that I have change but if you give another opportunity I can lose all this weight, do it for us, for our son, for our family” He said looking at her in the eyes. She sighed annoyed and rolled her eyes before confessing him everything. “You know what Dante, fuck it. I don’t need you anymore and certainly I don’t need a hog around me to make me look bad. I already have a sexy man and guess what, it isn’t you” he looked confused “What do you mean Lauren?” She laughed. “All that food had made you dumb as well? I say that I’m cheating on you porky. Do you really think that I was going to visit my mother for 8 long months? I went on a tour with him and his band and let me tell you something, it was great. While you were stuffing your fat face, I was having the best sex of my life and feeling alive again.” It was too much for him so he sat on the couch trying to assimilate all this new information. She on the other hand went for her purse and she was back stood in front of him, he looked up to see her with tears on his eyes. "How could you do this to me, to our family?" She looked at him and answered "Family? What family? I've never loved you, you were just and accessory for me" She bended over to be face to face with him and told him almost on a whisper. "And let me tell you a secret, the baby isn't yours. I just needed someone to blame for it." It was too much for him as he started to cry while she walked to the door and before closing it she said. "I'm going out with my friends but when I get back I don't want to see your fat ass in here. I'll send you the divorce papers." and with that she left.

He was in shock and I seated next to him. “Dante are you ok?” He started to cry again, I just hugged him. We we’re like that for fifteen minutes or so, until he stopped sobbing. “I’m sorry that this happened to you, you must really love her” I said. He didn’t look at me. “I guess I deserve it, I cheated on you too after all. But I’m no sad for losing her. I really thought that the baby was mine and I really loved him. That’s what hurt the most” I started to stroke his hair. "I'm sorry. I know this is hard for you but what are you going to do about the house? Are you going to leave or...?" He sighed and wiped the last tears of his face. "I don't want to be here anymore. I think I'll go to a hotel for now. I need to make my baggage but stay here please, I don't want to be alone" He got up slowly and started to walk to his room. I was feeling so bad, I screamed without thinking "You can stay with me!" he looked at me surprised I felt embarrassed. "I mean, if you want. I just want to help you" He thought about it for a moment and said "I don't think that's a good idea but thanks" he said and leaved the room. I just stood there without understanding "he's in love with me, why did he reject my offer? Maybe is too soon for him" I thought. I accepted it and went to the kitchen to start to wash everything. Dante was on his room packing his clothes while thinking “I can’t tell her how I feel; she just offered me her house because she felt sorry for me. She would just reject me too” he started to package his t shirts and found the pink shirt with the pig on it and blushed. “After that night she started to act differently and I could feel it. I like when she cooks for me and how she always hugs my belly. Maybe she likes me too? What can I do to know if she feels that way?” He thought about it a moment and then leaved the room decided to know how I felt. In the kitchen I was putting the food on containers when he got in. “Are you finished?” I asked and he just nodded. “I didn’t want to throw away the food so I thought that you could take you with you.” He started to walk to me. I was standing on a corner with a container on my hands and he took it and put it on the table. He was standing in front of me, blocking any way out. I was cornered looking him on the eyes. “Dante?” I said softly. He hugged me by the waist with one hand and caressed my face with the other, looking me in the eyes. "You're beautiful" he said before kissing me. I responded the kiss and hugged him back. I was so glad that he had taken the first step. It felt great to kiss him, I melted on his arms. When we split he hugged me closer to him and whispered in my ear. "I love you Natasha. I have realized that I didn't felt bad for losing my wife because I didn't love her anymore. I love you. I'm sorry for hurting you in the past, now I understand that I acted like a jerk. You're really the only one for me. Could you forgive me and give me another chance?" I kissed him softly “I love you too Dante, but how do I know that you’re not going to start mocking me again for my weight?” He chuckled and smiled at me while his hands caressed my wide form, resting on my belly. "The true is that I've always loved your body, I found it incredible sexy. I got influenced by all the things that my called friends told me. I was young and stupid but I promise you that isn't going to happen again. Besides, now I'm heavier that you so I don't really have the right to say anything. I can lose the weight if you want, just say it and I'll do it" He said, but I could notice that he was afraid of the answer. I realized that this was opportunity to confess him what I’ve done so I silently took his hand and guide him to the table to sit. I sat in front of him, still holding his hand. “I have something that I want to tell you Dante, something really weird that I want to show you.” I kissed him again and then we both entered his mind. As his presence was just and illusion he kept the same clothing while mine changed. “What? Where are we? What’s this place?” He said scared. “There was a secret that I never told you before Dante, you see when I was younger I discovered that I could enter in to people minds by hypnotizing them. You know how people say that each mind is a world? Well is true, right now we are in your mind, a place that I have visited before” He looked at me “Before? When?” He asked. “Remember the first day of our training? When I asked to try to put you on trance and you thought it didn’t work out?” He scratched his head surprised. “I guess this means that it did work out. But why did you go to my mind?” I looked down nervously. “I… I’m sorry. I was mad at you; I didn’t know anything about Lauren. I was blinded by my wish of revenge” I said and started to sob a little. He went closer to me and tried to hug me but he was remembering of his state as an illusion when he couldn’t touch me. “Don’t cry baby” He said. I used my powers to bring a book of the memories from the stuffing sessions; it floated in front of him. I wiped my tears and said without looking at him. “I decided that you had to know how were like to be made fun of because of your size, so I changed your metabolism and your personality. That’s why you have been lazier and lazier everyday” he was going to said something but I was so afraid of his answer that I just continued. “I also created a phrase code that would put you in trance and once you were on it I would stuff you with fattening food and hunger stimulants. You don’t remember that because I would make you forget once you were off the trance. But I regret everything, I’m so sorry. After a few months I found myself aroused every time I saw you eat or exercise. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was for your body. At the end it wasn’t about revenge, it was about me being selfish and fattening you up for my pleasure. I’m so sorry. When we leave this place I would free those memories. Please, please don’t hate me, I’m sorry” I didn’t give him time to say anything as we both went back to reality. I saw him struggling with the memories of all the nights he had forgotten and waited for him to say something. After what it felt like an eternity he finally understood what had happened to him. His weight gain, his laziness, his changes, it all made sense now. I thought that he has going to flip out and scream at me, I expected him to leave me saying how I had destroyed his life but instead of that he just looked his belly and then looked at me. “I guess that it means that I can keep this monster” I couldn’t believe how calm he was. “So you’re not mad at me?” I asked him. “Well I’m surprised but not mad; the thing is that I like how it feels too. There’s one thing bothering me tough and I want you to be honest. Did you changed my feelings for you or for my wife?” he asked me and I knew he was being serious. “No. I can’t change feelings. Those are entirely a matter of the heart and can not be changed. It’s like if your traits or personality were written with a pencil but your feeling were written with a pen. You know what I mean?” He smiled. “Yeah, I know what you mean. So, what else did you changed?” he said blushing. “Well I didn’t change anything else but I did found out about something that I think you haven’t realized yet. Can you wait for me on the living room please?” I said and went to the fridge.

He looked at me curiuos but did it anyway. I took out of the fridge the food containers and warmed everything up on the microwave. I putted all the food on plates and took them to the living room. It took me three trips to the kitchen but in the last one I took a string and a black scarf that was on my purse. “What does this food had anything to do with what you discovered?” He asked me. I didn’t say anything and started to kiss him passionately I took of his coat and t-shirt, then I tied his arms and feet, after that I blindfolded him with the scarf. “What I discovered my little pig is that you are some pervert. I know how turn on you get when I humiliate you and make you stuff yourself” He blushed furiously and tried to untied himself. I slapped him on the check and he stopped. “Don’t you try to escape; you have to understand that if you’re a bad piggy I’ll have to punish you. But if you are a good piggy I’ll reward you” I said and undid the button of his jeans. I started to stroke his penis over his underwear making him moan in pleasure. I stopped and took a big jar that had the corn cream soup and put it near to his lips. “You’re going to drink this like a good piggy and after that I’ll reward you with another little massage” He opened his mouth in anticipation and I poured the creamy liquid in his awaiting mouth. I did it slowly so he wouldn’t choke but from time to time I poured a big quantity on his mouth, so it would drip off his cheeks and into his chest and licked it when it was over. “Very good pig, I’m proud of my butterball. Now your reward" I took out his penis and started to lick it. After a few minutes I stopped and went to look for the steaks. I put the plate with 3 steaks on the coffee table in front of him and then took away the blindfold. “Pig I want you to eat those steaks, but only using your hands. You better put yourself on all fours, it would be impossible to bend over with that fat gut in the middle" I said and slapped his belly. He groaned from the pain and did what I told him. He stated to eat the steaks and I sited next to him on the couch. “That belly looks heavy and it hung down almost touching the floor. I bet that we can make it bigger, in fact. We are going to make it so big that you aren’t going to be able to move your arms or legs. It would be like lying on a yoga ball. And this butt, it’s so big and juicy. If I didn’t know you I would think that you are some fat prostitute showing off for your clients.” I started to slap him several times. He was so embarrassed that he buried his face on the steaks and started to eat faster. When he was over his belly was almost touching the floor. It looked heavy and bloated and he was breathing with his mouth. “Look at the hog! I’m sure I can win the contest of the fattest hog! Ha!” I started to pinch his belly and he groaned. “Lay down on your back pig. I’ll give you your reward now”. He did it with some effort and I took off his pants and boxers. He was now lying naked, bloated and for what I could see, really turned on. “Mmmh piggy wants some attention down here” I said and stroked his hard on. I took off my pants and t shirt; only on my underwear I put myself over him to ride him. I could feel him getting harder which each move of my hips. His face covered in the juices of the steak and red for the excitement turned me on even more. My belly touched his and increased our excitement. I stopped when we were about to come, he begged me to keep it going but I laughed and slapped his belly again. “Oh I would keep it going, but for now you belly seems too small for my tastes. It’s time for your dessert” I got up and when to the fridge to get the cake. I put it on the coffee table too and helped him to get on all fours again. “Ugh you weight a ton pig, but your belly is still too small to even deserve a good reward. If you finish this 12” cake I’ll make sure you get what you deserve and-” He didn’t wait for me to finish and started to eat right away. I went back to the kitchen and got a bowl filled with milk that I placed next to the cake. He would eventually go to the bowl with milk and drink it leaving crumbs of cake on his face. His belly hanged lower every minute and his face was covered with chocolate. I took his head by the hair and put it up. With a finger a pulled up his nose and made pig noise. Then I took a handful of the cake and feed it to him; he ate it greedily. “Yes pig, eat it all. Yes, you just love eating don’t you? But as a good disgusting pig you had made a mess of yourself. Eat, eat!” After 5 handfuls I leaved him eat it all by himself. How I expected, the cake was enough to make his belly bug enough to touch the floor slightly.  After he ate the last part of cake he laid down on his side to let his belly to rest. I untied him from his feet and hands and started to rub his belly. “Oh piggy is so good; he had eaten everything I have given him. Now I’m going to tell you what I discovered” Still rubbing his belly I kissed him on the cheek covered with chocolate and whisper on his ear. “I know that not only you like being fat, you also like being dominated and being treated like the fat pig you are. And guess what, I like that too.” I kissed him again and he started to caress my belly, my breast and my hips. His touch felt electric and I started to fondle his rolls, pinching and biting. He took off my underwear and again I put myself over him. Feeling him inside me was amazing and I started to ride him right away. He would squeeze my buttcheecks with every move letting me know how close was him to come. When I was at the edge of orgasm I felt him coming inside me and I exploited. I lay at his side breathing fast and enjoying the post orgasm feeling as well as him. After a while he hugged me and I kissed him. “What do you think of my discovery?” I said smiling naughty. He laughed and kissed me again. “I really like it, and I want to thank you for helping me to discover and enjoy that side of me. Let’s go home” I hugged him back and then helped him to get his clothes. He tried to button his coat but it would make it. He just smiled at me blushing. That night he moved in with me, we took all his things out of Lauren house and a month later the divorce papers where on the mail. After he signed we went to celebrate with a big dinner. The last time we knew about her turned out that going to concerts and drinking beer all night and eating fast food all day had changed his body and his lover boy had changed her for a younger, thinner girl. Karma it’s bitch.The time passed by and everything started to settle down. Our relationship grew stronger each day. After the day I confessed him my powers I stopped using my powers over him, it just wasn’t necessary anymore. I erased the phrase code and undid some changes on his personality. He would be more active and would like to exercise more, to be healthy, but I kept his love for food and video games. He found a decent job at a small company that helped us to pay the food bills. Everything seems like a dream, it’s so surreal, I still don’t believe it myself. I’m living with my big fat lover, who used to be my fit freak ex-boyfriend; we are having a great time together and he isn’t afraid of my powers. We like to eat and enjoy our porkiness and love each other very much. Tonight I’m going to give him a little surprise for our anniversary, I just hope that the baby will be a girl and have the same powers as her mommy. And all of this because he couldn’t avoid being a pig.

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    You should find an illustrator on Deviant Art and make an e-book!
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    Love your stories
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  •  Jack-the-belly wrote 377 Days Ago (positive) 
    Hey Auro,
    thank you for the story !
    Reading this, i have to feed my belly, to let him get hard (and not only him ;)

    Great stuff !!
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