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2 days ago 0 comments Categories: Feedee Mood: Hungry Tags:
Reactions : sad (1)
hello all! I am new to this site and just wanted to say hello! I am very new to this community and cannot wait to learn more about it. I am looking to be fattened up to the point of near immobilty...i want to be stuffed and become so lazy that I get winded
20 days ago 0 comments Categories: Feedee, Weight Gain Mood: Determined Tags: gaining, weight gain, progress
I've decided that I want to put my thoughts down somewhere while I try to gain more and this seemed like the right place. I am not the most eloquent writer so this will probably just end up being a little blurb of text every 2 weeks.   In the 2 weeks I've
31 days ago 0 comments Categories: Weight Gain Mood: Nervous Tags:
Quick background... so I've always been fascinated with weight gain and for many years I've been slowly gaining.  Not from being fed or intentionally growing, simply from eating too much and not doing anything to stop the gradual gain.  Allowing the weight
50 days ago 3 comments Categories: Weight Gain Mood: Anxious Tags:
Well just new to the site. I just want to know your point of view.   I am feel very anxious towards gaining. I have fantasize about it for ten years now, but I am still 150 pounds. I don't seem to want to gain alone, I totally refuse to it. Is it OK to be
62 days ago 0 comments Categories: Feedee Mood: Content Tags: PunkGainer Gainer Feedee
Hello all I am new to the site but not new to the community. I have been gaining since I was 18 (but wanted to start since I was 11 or 12 lol) needless to say I have always been into fat and growing fatter. My name is Cal or PunkGainer on this and other si
87 days ago 2 comments Categories: Weight Gain Mood: Accomplished Tags: weight gain
So as the title suggests I want to gain weight. I want to know how to do so in the quickest way possible. If you would, please give me some advice on how to pack on pounds fast. I want to know what foods or supplements will get me fat. So please share some
94 days ago 1 comments Categories: Feeder Mood: Recumbent Tags: #Europe #feedee
On a site for sm lifestylepeople i found you with The name Cute. And cute you are. I Have allways been looking at fat woman, zo beautifull. But seeing you in picture and cam was my Good start for 2014. You were so open to me immideately. You accepted my do
96 days ago 0 comments Categories: Stories Mood: Apathetic Tags: SSBBW, eating, feeding
Just in case this isn't clear, the following is completely fictional, no part of it comes from any real life experiences I have had. Any resemblence to real world events is purely accidental. I just felt like writing and this is what I came up with; normal
121 days ago 2 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Mood: Annoyed Tags: messenger, chat, fetlife
i keep trying to send messages to people on here, but for some reason i cant. poo. is it because i dont have a pay account? i don't know, I sent an email asking about it to the site administrators but they never got back to me. anywho if you want to find m
140 days ago 0 comments Categories: Dating and Personals, Feeder Mood: Contemplative Tags: communication, friendship, relationship
  That situation turned to an emotional attack when all I was doing was sharing. There are sly comments, a thoughtlessness when it comes things in my home and overall life at times. These continued actions have led to our most recent argument. My apartment
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